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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be conducted twice during the school year (Fall and Spring)  Our goal is for 100% of the parents/guardians to have the opportunity to have a parent/teacher conference during the designated conference days

Many Sunburst Teachers have their conference schedule in a digital format where parents can self-select the dates and times that work best for them. If there is not a conference link for your teacher, please contact that teacher directly for scheduling information. Please see list below:


Ms. Buttles
Ms. Hernandez
Ms. Trevillion / Ms. Schnupp

1st grade
Ms. Desch
Ms. Hilliard
Ms. Hughes
Ms. Shaw

2nd grade
Ms. Gray /  Ms. Keller
Ms. Lopez
Ms. Markosian
Ms. Nelson

3rd grade
Ms. Cook
Ms. Myers
Ms. Zeller

4th grade
Ms. Gall
Ms. Sproul
Mr. Stubbings

5th grade

Ms. Case
Ms. Copeland
Ms. Link
Ms. Smith

6th grade
Ms. Boie
Mr. Elliott
Ms. Garcia
Ms. Quintana

Specials / Gifted / Resource
If you would like updates from Specials/Gifted/Resource teachers, please contact these teachers directly to discuss your schedule request.