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Return to In Person Learning - Quarter 4

Hello Sunburst Families,  
In an effort to ensure that everyone has the information needed for Sunburst’s return to learn plan, I wanted to take a moment to go through a few topics. Much of this email is review as they have been included in the WESD updates.  All other information should have been communicated by your child's homeroom teacher.  This information is pertinent to in-person learners and virtual learners. 

Once the return was determined to be traditional, we worked diligently to determine who would be teaching online vs. in-person. Before Spring Break, all teachers will have communicated with families regarding:

  • Your current teacher’s status (Online vs. In-Person)
  • Your student’s new teacher (if applicable)  
  • In Person-Learners: Required Materials, Chromebook Instructions, and “How I go home” PM Dismissal Link
  • Virtual Learners: Contact Information and quarter 4 schedule 

AZM2 (formerly AzMerit) TESTING FOR 3-6 GRADES:

  • All 3rd - 6th grade students will be taking the state assessment in April. There are 5 days of testing starting with Writing, Reading, and Math. Please see testing schedule below. For those families who are remaining virtual, please know students must come to school to take the test. Details were sent via your child's Q4 virtual teacher and we will follow up after next week.    5th graders only will be taking a Science Assessment the week of March 29th.

There will be modifications to the Grab and Go meal program when we return to in-person learning. The Free Grab and Go meal bundles will still consist of five breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.  

Eligible students will be able to pick up free meal bundles at any of the 16 selected schools. 
7:00AM - 8:00AM - Desert Foothills, Palo Verde
8:00AM - 9:00AM - Maryland, Moon Mountain, Mountain View, Ocotillo, Shaw Butte, Sunburst
9:00AM - 10:00AM - Abraham Lincoln, Chaparral, Cholla, Manzanita, Orangewood, Sunnyslope, Sunset, Washington

Parents/Guardians may pick up meals for children. Student ID number(s) or date(s) of birth is required to assure meals are going to children. Previously issued placards may also be displayed in the windows. These meals are eligible for the following students: 

  • Students continuing with virtual learning 
  • Any child, 18 years and younger, not attending in-person learning

For more information or special dietary needs, contact Nicole Augustine at 602-896-5240 or Nicole.Augustine@wesdschools.org.

In-Person Learning


  • 3rd – 6th Grade families:  All 3-6 students who checked out a WESD Chromebook will bring it to school on Monday, March 22nd. Please make sure the Chromebook is fully charged. Students should be returning any teacher materials, hotspots, etc.  Please also send a pair of headphones that will be kept at school.
  • K – 2nd grade Families:  All K-2 students who checked out a WESD Chromebook, will bring it to school on Wednesday March 24th.  Please make sure the Chromebook is fully charged. Students should be returning any teacher materials, hotspots, etc.  Please also send a pair of headphones that will be kept at school.

Our goal is to have 100% of our Chromebooks, Chargers, and Hotspots returned by Friday, March 26th.  The Chromebooks will no longer be sent home and it will be checked back into our system.  If there is any damage, we will reach out to you directly.

BUS ROUTE INFORMATION: If you are eligible to ride a WESD bus, times and bus stop locations were sent out via US Mail by Monday March 8th.  Please check your mailbox or contact WESD transportation department if you have questions about route info at 602-896-5270.

All students and staff are required to wear a face covering at all times with the exception of when they are actively drinking or eating breakfast/lunch.

  • Face coverings are to fully cover a person’s nose and mouth, ideally fitting snugly but comfortably against the sides of the face and under the chin. They are to remain affixed in place without the use of one’s hands and are to not have holes. They are to be laundered regularly or disposed of appropriately.
  • Logos on masks are to be appropriate and match what is acceptable on shirts and other personal items
  • To ensure the proper use of face coverings, staff and students are to be educated on how to wear and care for their face coverings.


  • A face covering does not replace the need for frequent handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and practicing physical distancing to the extent possible. Students will be reminded to avoid touching their face covering and to wash their hands frequently.
  • In an effort to maintain social distancing and a decrease in the number of people on campus at a given time, no visitors will be allowed at this time.  This includes visitors for staff and students. 
  • Upon arrival the first week, all students will receive specific training in the area of handwashing and restroom, cafeteria, and recess procedures to maintain social distancing.  We will review the zones they are scheduled to play in on the playground to ensure they stay with their classroom cohort of students.  This is just another layer we are putting in place to ensure student safety.  All students will sit with their cohort in the cafeteria as well to eat lunch. 


  • All students may begin arriving on campus at 7:10am with the first bell ringing at 7:25am.  As students arrive, they will go directly to their classroom to be temperature checked and receive breakfast.
  • We will have our awesome crossing guard, Ms. Janet, at our 47th Avenue/Hearn intersection for those students who need to cross 47th avenue. Students will be able to be dropped off at one of two entry points: Intermediate Gate or the front office gate. These entry points will have staff on duty so that students can enter the campus at the closest point based on their walking/car riding travel patterns.  Due to health/safety guidelines, we ask that parents remain in their cars during drop off. 
  • For those families who are bus eligible, students will exit the bus at the 47ave Bus Bay gate no earlier than 7:10AM. Students will walk straight to class. There will be staff members to help them find their classrooms.  Only bus riders will be allowed to enter this gate. Students who attend Kid Space in the morning will also be dismissed to the bus area and line up to be taken to class. As a reminder: no visitors will be allowed through any gates for any reason.  

We’ve created a google form titled “How I go home – Sunburst”. Please fill this out so we can create a fluid process to help everyone get out safely and efficiently.  “How I go home – Sunburst”Link:  https://forms.gle/Xrm1kEZ9AsfYvas37

For regular release days (M, T, Th, F) - Our official dismissal time is 2:30pm
For early release days (Wednesday) Our official dismissal time is 1:00pm 

To ensure safety protocols at dismissal, we will be staggering some groups to help the flow of traffic.  Please see details below: 

  • 2nd – 6th grade Walkers/Bike Riders will be released through one of two designated walker gates starting at 2:20.   If they are picking up a younger sibling, we need the younger sibling to stay in their designated parent pick up area and the older student can pick them up from outside the gate. They should not go to their classrooms.  
  • Parent Pick up- A teacher will walk students to their designated grade level pick up spot. If using the car line for parent pick up, Parents MUST remain in their cars. Teachers will ask that you roll down your window to let them know who you are picking up. If a parent wants to park and walk, we ask that you wait until 2:30 to ensure our walkers have enough space/time to safely get off campus.  This will also keep the parent pick up areas clear. NOTE: Parent Pick up for Kinder/1st – Teachers will walk them out to the parent pick up area to be prepared for a 2:15 dismissal to a parent or pre arranged adult.
  • PM Bus Riders - Bus riders will be taken to the bus bay at 2:25 by a designated grade level teacher. Only Bus Riders will be able to exit this gate. All walkers must go through designated walker gates.  
  • Daycare Van / After the Bell – Due to social distancingthere is no longer a designated pick up area for “After the Bell”.  Daycare Vans / After the Bell students will go to their grade level parent pick up spot and wait there. Students must be picked up at their designated grade level parent pick up location.

Breakfast/Lunch Information:
All students will be provided breakfast in the classroom each morning following temperature checks.  Students will receive a hot lunch in the cafeteria with social distancing measures in place.  For breakfast and lunch, students will only be allowed to remove their mask when they are actively eating or drinking. 

Necessary Items for In-person Learning:

  • Cloth or 3-layer mask (bring an extra one if you are able to in the event that they misplace the mask or it gets dirty)
  • Water bottle – We recommend you fill it for them at home.  With staff support, students will be able to use water fountains to fill water bottles. However, we prefer they bring them filled with cold water each day.
  • On the day that you return the Chromebook, please make sure it is secure in a backpack. 
  • 1st – 6th Backpack with individual items preferred. There will be no communal supplies.  

We have attached several documents to help get you ready.  See below in the files:
Where's my child's classroom? 
Check out the updated Sunburst School map with teacher names/room locations
How does morning Drop off work? Check out the updated Sunburst arrival information/Map: 
How does afternoon dismissal work? Check out the updated Sunburst PM dismissal information/Map: 

Whether you are remaining virtual or returning to in person learning, know that we are excited to start the 4th quarter. I am so proud of how our community continues to show our "Sunburst Strong" mindset. It is reflected through the support, patience and grace our families, students, and staff have shown us through this transition. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Have a great night.

Jennifer Dial

Jennifer Dial,
Mar 21, 2021, 7:41 PM
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Mar 21, 2021, 7:46 PM
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