Kinder Round Up (21-22)

WESD has selected Tuesday, January 26th for our annual Kinder Round event. Because of our current situation, we had to rethink what Kinder Round up "looks like"; especially because families are not allowed on campus.  We create an immersive virtual experience leading up to the Kinder Round event called: #12daysofKinder. This will be used to promote our school to potential future kindergarten families and get them information about our school, registration process, and our Round Up Event details. #12daysofKinder will lead into our January 26th event: a fun interactive drive-through where people can engage with us from the safety of their cars.   

#12DaysofKinder Video Links

Day 1: Welcome to Sunburst 

Welcome to Sunburst

        Day 2: Kinder Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Buttles

YouTube Video

Day 3: Registration Information 

Day 3: Registration Information


Day 4: Kinder Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Hernandez  


Day 4: Kinder Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Buttles

Day 5: Kinder Experience Drive Thru Information 


Day 6:  A Day In the Life of a Sunburst Kinder...


Day 7: Kinder Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Nelson 


Day 8: Sunburst Traditions 



Day 9: Kinder Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Trevillion 


Day 10: Community Testimonials 


Day 11:  Celebrate the 100th Day of school

Day 12:   Event Reminders 


Google Survey for the 21-22 Kinder Interest List

If you, or anyone you know, has a student entering Sunburst Kindergarten for the 21-22 school year, we want to share all of the great things happening at Sunburst.  We have created a google form that will help us compile a list of interested Kinder families.  The form asks for contact information so that we can keep families up to date.  The link can below can shared.