Site Council

Sunburst Site Council has member positions available! Applications can be picked up in the
office and are due on or before Friday, Sept. 20th at 3:30PM.

What is Site Council?

Site Council functions as a school-based leadership group. The responsibilities of the Sunburst Site Council are to serve in a cooperative, decision-making capacity while:

ü Facilitating school improvement planning regarding agreed upon school qualities

ü Facilitating short-term problem solving regarding school-level issues

ü Facilitating communication with various constituencies, other councils, the Superintendent, and the Board

ü Facilitating school budget support with effective use of general tax credit funds to support WESD students in the school improvement process

ü Facilitating team growth; and conducting other activities as deemed necessary by the Principal, Superintendent, and/or Board.


The mission of the Sunburst School Site Council is to make quality decisions focused on the needs of children with concerns including: safe, effective learning environments, high expectations for students, with sensitivity toward cultural differences and accountability of staff, students, parents and community. 


Who is on Site Council?

The Council shall consist of a maximum of 15 voting members to include:  Principal, up to 5 Certified Personnel, up to 2 Community Members, Up to 2 Non Certified Employees , Up to 5 Parents/Guardians**. Available site council positions include:

(4) Parent/Guardians**
(2) Teachers
(2) Community members
(1) Non Certified Employee

**A parent or guardian who is employed by WESD may serve as a member of the school site council if the parent or guardian is not employed at the same school where the parent or guardian’s child is enrolled.

 When are meetings?

Meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 3:30PM in the Sunburst Office. See 20-21 dates below:

Aug. 11th  | Sept. 8th| Oct. 13th | Nov. 25th | Dec. 16th 
Jan. 27th | Feb 24th| Mar 30th| Apr. 27th| May 18th

How do I apply for Site Council?

Membership is for a term of two years.  All interested persons shall complete an application (located in the front office). Completed applications must be turned in on or before Friday, September 20th at 3:30pm to the Sunburst Office. 

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