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thInstructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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NameEmailGradeWebsite Link
NameEmailGradeWebsite Link
Acosta, Carly carly.acosta@wesdschools.org 0-Kindergarten Ms. Acosta 
Buttles, Jessica  jessica.buttles@wesdschools.org 0 - Kindergarten Mrs. Buttles 
Trevillion, Ami ami.trevillion@wesdschools.org 0 - Kindergarten Mrs. Trevillion 
Desch, Sherri sherri.desch@wesdschools.org 1st Mrs. Desch 
Hilliard, Jennifer jennifer.hilliard@wesdschools.org 1st Mrs. Hilliard 
Jordan Krueger Ms. Krueger 1st jordan.krueger@wesdschools.org 
Shaw, Marijo marijo.shaw@wesdschools.org 1st Mrs. Shaw 
Lopez, Angela angela.lopez@wesdschools.org 2nd Mrs. Lopez 
Nickel, Ann ann.nickel@wesdschools.org 2nd Ms. Nickel 
Whitehead, Judi judi.whitehead@wesdschools.org 2nd Mrs. Whitehead 
Ball, JoAnn joann.ball@wesdschools.org 3rd Mrs. Ball 
Follett, Dee deeann.follett@wesdschools.org 3rd Mrs. Follett 
Hook, Allison allison.hook@wesdschools.org 3rd Mrs. Hook 
Ulloa, Elizabeth elizabeth.ulloa@wesdschools.org 3rd Mrs. Ulloa 
Cannon, Amanda amanda.cannon@wesdschools.org 4th  Miss Cannon 
Sproul, Holly Holly.Sproul@wesdschools.org 4th Mrs. Sproul 
Zeller, Lauri lauri.zeller@wesdschools.org 4th Mrs. Zeller 
Case, Suzanna suzanna.case@wesdschools.org 5th Miss Case 
Cook, Sally sally.cook@wesdschools.org 5th Ms. Cook 
Link, Vicki victoria.link@wesdschools.org 5th Mrs. Link 
Stacey Smith stacey.smith@wesdschools.org 5th Mrs. Smith 
Boie, Jean jean.boie@wesdschools.org 6th Mrs. Boie 
Elliott, Matt  matt.elliott@wesdschools.org 6th Mr. Elliott 
Reid, Michelle michelle.reid@wesdschools.org 6th Mrs. Reid 
Beckstead, Jana jana.beckstead@wesdschools.org Art Mrs. Beckstead 
Michel, Aliza aliza.michel@wesdschools.org Band and Orchestra Mrs. Michel 
Buchanan, Janice janice.buchanan@wesdschools.org Gifted Mrs. Buchanan 
Knight, Sydney sydney.knight@wesdschools.org Gifted Math Ms. Knight 
Fryling, Ariel Ariel.fryling@wesdschools.org Music Ms. Fryling 
Knight, Roseanne roseanne.knight@wesdschools.org Physical Education Coach Knight 
Hodgins, Maureen maureen.hodgins@wesdschools.org Reading Intervention Mrs. Hodgins 
Yoder, Libby libby.yoder@wesdschools.org Reading Intervention Mrs. Yoder 
Fox, Susan susan.fox@wesdschools.org Resource 1-3 Mrs. Fox 
Passey, Monica monica.passey@wesdschools.org Resource 4-6 Mrs. Passey 
Schloegel, Nadine nadine.schloegel@wesdschools.org Resource 4-6 Mrs. Schloegel 
Showing 35 items